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"This Is The Best Concealed Knife On The Market..."

  • Same Size As A Credit Card - You can tuck into into your wallet, pocket or purse and no one will know
  • Fold And Snap Design - Award winning design makes one handed "open" and "close" deadly fast
  • Black Oxide Coated Surgical Steel - Scalpel sharp and no one will know you have it.
  • Perfect For Self Defense - You can slip it our of your pocket, unfold with one hand and have a deadly weapon in seconds
  • The Best Knife Is The One You Have - You'll always have a knife to use with no bulk and no one noticing a thing!
  • Custom Molded High Impact Material - Solid construction means you can always use it with no maintenance worries
  • UNADVERTISED BONUS - Complete Your Order for the "Credit Card Knife" Now and Get the "Edged Weapons, Part I & II" Guides Absolutely FREE! These Are Normally $27 Retail
  • UNADVERTISED BONUS #2 - TODAY ONLY - When you grab your Credit Card Knife today you also gain access to a full free 7-Day trial to my private members only website, Family Survival Society. This normally costs $39, but today it's free!

Your family and friends will thank you when you always have a knife on-hand. Whether it be to open an envelope or defend yourself and those you love, the Credit Card Knife is the right tool for the job. It's concelable design gives you the power to always be prepared...

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After 25 years and testing hundreds of different knives I can confidently say that this is the most unique and easily concealed knife I've ever used.

 For all the small random jobs a knife comes in handy for this is the best tool for the job. From opening an envelope to cutting an apple I'm always happy I have my Credit Card Knife in my pocket.

An instant conversation piece in any situation. Everyone is always amazed when I pull my knife out of my wallet. They ask me where they can get one every single time.

Anyone caught in a situation where a knife is needed for defense will shock any attacker when a razor sharp knife magically appears in your hand.

This is literally the coolest knife I've ever owned.

When you purchase your Credit Card Knife today you will be charged $4.97 today and be enrolled in a 7 day day free trial of the Family Survival Society for half the price! After 7 days you don't have to do anything and your membership will remain active. To remain a member only costs $19.95 per month, that's a 50% discount off the regular membership price!

If you don't want to remain a member or didn't enjoy your 7-day trial simply send an email to and let me know.

Email Support: support@familysurvivalsystemsupport(dot)com
Phone Support: (720) 446-8865

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